These are examples of Templates I have created to work with, in all there are 6 including this one.

Any images used by template can be changed, but maintain the same names. Depending on template there are between 2 and 12 images in use dependig on the template.

3 page Website includes the following

  • Home page using 1 of these templates, I do have others available. All are customizable.
  • Contact Form will contain fields for Name, Email address and Comments. Will be emailed to Client email address.
  • About page will use same template, can use different images.
  • All pages will use same background images as Home page.
  • All images and content provided by Client.
  • Does not include Domain Registration or Hosting.
  • Price: $300.00


  • Add Simple Google Search function, this search will open a New Window. Installation Cost: $50.
  • Additional Pages: $100.00 each
  • Graphics/Images creation negotiable.
  • Install CkEditor WYSIWIG Text and HTML editor. Installation Cost: $50.
  • Add Registration Form containing whatever information the Client needs, email form to Client: Cost: $150.
  • Photo Gallery, XML data: Cost: $200.
  • Add Mysql Database with the following:
    • Registration Form: save form information to database
    • Email Registration notice to Website Client.
    • Login to Administration screen
    • Provide Add/Change/Delete utility for Registration data
    • Provide Add/Change/Delete utility for Authorized Administration Users
    • Cost: $250.
  • Add our Mysql Reporting Utility for all Tables, with Search Criteria entry and Output Field selection. Cost: $200.
  • Add our Mysql Advanced Reporting Utility for all Tables, same features as above plus you can also control how your search works by simple clicking a Radio Button to tell the tool to select records equal to, not equal to, less than or greater than the criteria you enter. If the field you are searching is a text field then your options are equal to, Like or Not Like. Cost: $250.
  • Dynamic website, database driven: Pricing depends on requirements.